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We love helping people to reach their full potential. Hearing a person’s story about their condition and the goal they hope to achieve with physio inspires us to deliver the best care that we can. We ensure that the programmes are specific to the individual's needs and we try our best to keep it challenging but enjoyable. We celebrate every win with our clients and are there to listen to the difficulties that they face throughout the rehabilitation journey.

Scoliosis Video Day

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June is Scoliosis Awareness Month. As June 2022 was our first Scoliosis Awareness Month at McGowan Physio we wanted to make it special. We took this as an opportunity to raise awareness of scoliosis and the potential treatment options that are out there. At the same time we wanted to showcase many of the young people we work with on a daily basis and the amazing goals they have achieved to date, through their hard work and dedication to their own health, by completing their physiotherapy programmes.

The other benefit of the video day was that it created a space for young people with scoliosis to meet each other. Both before and after taking their turn to answer the questions on video the kids and teens got to hang out and chat. Many of the parents embraced the opportunity to meet families going through similar scoliosis journeys. It was a really positive and social day.

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Eva Furlong

Our daughters have been treated by Niamh for scoliosis and hypermobility. We have been delighted with the care and professionalism they receive. Niamh has developed a great relationship with them both and they are totally at ease with her, making visits stress free and enjoyable for our teenagers. Niamh’s extensive knowledge and passion for her job is always evident and her positivity makes a great impression on the children she works with. We would have no hesitation in recommending Niamh and her friendly staff.

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Garret has been my physio since 2019. Throughout this period he has shown high professionalism in every aspect of my treatments. He is extremely knowledgeable and the service and advice he provides is excellent. He takes time to explain what he is doing and why and also provides excellent after care through personalised rehab exercises and follow up. I would highly recommend McGowan Physio to anyone.

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Patricia & Briain Kelly

We were referred to Spinal Specialist Physiotherapist Niamh McGowan in July 2020 and can honestly say that we would not have been able to navigate our scoliosis journeys without her. We are so grateful to have her expertise, guidance and support for our 4 children. We would highly recommend McGowan Physio - Niamh you have been amazing, the kids always enjoy their sessions. Thank you so much for everything you have helped them achieve.

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Mairéad Murray

Niamh and her team are just amazing! Gavin & I look forward to the appointments and he always feels really positive, energized and encouraged after the appointment. Niamh has a wonderful way of communicating with teens and parents alike. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for her field of expertise is truly inspiring.

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I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome hypermobility type. During lockdown my body deconditioned completely and so I bounced from one injury to the next. I have been seeing Niamh since November 2021 and the difference in my body is unbelievable. Niamh has a great knowledge of hypermobility and put together a programme of both physiotherapy and exercise to build up my muscles. These helped to prevent injuries and reduce the recovery time for injuries I did get.

It was wonderful and genuinely life changing to meet Niamh. In that, I am now able to plan activities in my life with confidence and excitement, not wondering if my body will be able to do it. She is so kind, understanding, encouraging and explains everything so well.

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John S.

I have been treated by Garett for a variety of injuries for a number of years. I have found him to be professional, friendly, thorough and the outcome of his expertise has always been a successful resolution. He has helped me overcome several knee injuries in particular. I would highly recommend him...

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Mairead Mooney

During the years we have been attending Niamh we get a friendly welcome, personal touch and she always puts Emily at ease. Exercises are made adaptable, clear instructions and always encouraging. Niamh has provided me with a good soundboard for all elements of Emily's treatment, care and advice on the best route/path to take.

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Dr. Shadan Kahatab

I've been attending Niamh for over 4 years now and I can't even compare my present day self to an average day 4 years back. She has tremendously helped my back pain, the physical appearance of my curve and last but not least, she has restored my confidence that I can lead a completely normal life with scoliosis. I am forever grateful to Niamh and everyone at McGowan Physio for being TrailBlazers in the scoliosis world.

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Gavin Murray

I've been doing physio with Niamh since 2018 and it has not only considerably reduced the curve in my spine but it has also helped me build muscle. I enjoy going for my appointments with Niamh as everyone there is very kind and supportive.

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Ella Haden

I was first introduced to Niamh when I was diagnosed with Scoliosis at the age of 16. I was so scared of the future and Niamh helped me come to terms with it. Every time I go to physio Niamh makes me feel relaxed, happy and confident. She has given me life long tools to be able to live with my scoliosis. I look forward to every visit. I am 19 years old now.

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Alison O’Rourke

We have been attending Niamh McGowan since February 2021 and have followed her to her new practice. The feeling of positivity in McGowan Physio hits you from the moment you walk in the door. Niamh, the receptionist, always greets you with a smile on her face. As for Niamh McGowan, my daughter has built up such a rapport with her and totally trusts Niamh. Niamh is so caring and passionate about her patients. We are now also attending Garett, with my son, for sports injuries and he has great knowledge in his field too.

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Luana P.

I have been attending Daniella on a weekly basis for 1:1 reformer Pilates. I notice a huge change in the discomfort in my back and neck. I feel so much better. Daniella is an incredible teacher. She not only guides the movement but makes adaptations and corrections the whole way through. I really enjoy the sessions.

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Karina Mogensen

Mia started her journey with Niamh and McGowan Physio via Zoom at a difficult time - not only were we all confined to our homes because of Covid, but Mia was dealing with a very new diagnosis. From the very beginning Niamh put Mia at ease, explaining the exercises very clearly...explaining what they were aimed at doing. Most importantly she really encouraged Mia to voice any concerns and ask any questions. Niamh tailored all exercises to Mia's needs, also keeping in mind Mia's other interests in ballet and hockey. It is clear that Niamh is passionate and extremely knowledgeable about what she does and Mia always comes out of her sessions with Niamh feeling positive and having a clear plan for going ahead. With the use of a brace and Niamh's physio exercises, Mia has managed to improve her spinal curves and has also become more confident about her ability to manage any difficulties she may face in the future.

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Garett helped me manage a long standing lower back problem. Most importantly he got me to understand exactly what was going wrong in my posture and exercise form and that has been the key in improving my condition. I have been pain free for months now and also I am able to exercise again confidently.

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I've seen Garett a few times for different sports and general injuries. He is brilliant at diagnosing issues - even when others have missed them - and provided targeted treatment and exercises that have allowed me get back to an active lifestyle. He is also always keen to prevent injuries and recommended programmes of exercises to build up strength in weak areas of my body. The treatments were all administered in a calm and private environment and the centre is very clean and professionally set-up. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend McGowan Physio.

Stars Behind the Scenes

Special Thanks

Firstly, a big thank you goes to our wonderful teens who volunteered their time and so bravely told their scoliosis stories. It was inspiring to hear them and it will continue
to be inspiring for everyone who continues to watch the videos. 
Thank you to the parents for their time on the day and for encouraging their children to go for it!

Thank you to Ciaran Harper of Harper Films for making the day possible. Ciaran allowed the day to run smoothly with his relaxed nature and professional set-up. We look forward to working with Ciaran in the future. 

Thank you to the whole McGowan Physio team. Garett, one of our physios, kept the conversation flowing upstairs with the young people. Niamh O, McGowan Physio’s receptionist, ensured everything was organised downstairs. Anita and Ciarnaid, from Orthotic Solutions, brought over the delicious treats and Ciarnaid took part in the video day. Caoilinn, one of our scoliosis patients, took over our social media accounts for the day and kept the young people relaxed when behind the camera.

Huge thanks to Luana, Niamh McGowan’s partner, for keeping Niamh organised and for ensuring the whole day ran smoothly and on time. Luana runs the McGowan Physio social media pages and without her none of this would have been possible. Thank you to our web team, for ensuring the videos are accessible and can be viewed at any time.