Routine Treatments

provided at McGowan Physio

Thorough assessment allows the correct individual treatment plan to be made for each patient who attends. This often includes routine physiotherapy services as well as specialist services. 

Your Treatment Plan

As well as offering specialist services and classes we also offer a host of routine physio treatment options. The treatment options will be discussed in the initial assessment when the physiotherapist is deciding on your treatment plan. The plan will be based on both the patient’s goals as well as what the physio discovered and diagnosed during the initial assessment. As progress is being made of if anything changes during the rehabilitation treatment options and the plan can be adjusted to best suit the individual's needs. 


Garret has been my physio since 2019. He is extremely knowledgeable and the service and advice he provides is excellent. He takes time to explain what he is doing and why and also provides excellent after care through personalised rehab exercises and follow up. I would highly recommend McGowan Physio to anyone.


Niamhs office and treatment room

Physiotherapy Treatment Options

• Specialist treatments
• Manual therapy
• Postural assessment
• Dry needling
• Pacing and lifestyle management education
• Rehabilitative exercise-based therapy
• Strength and conditioning
• Massage
• Taping