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Our Location

Unit F7 Nutgrove Office Park,
Rathfarmham, Dublin 14, D14 CC98

Finding us

When you drive into the Nutgrove Office Park you will see retail shops (Lidl, homestore, pet shop etc) on your left. Continue on the road passing the shops to enter into the Office Park area. Pass the first block of offices on your left and follow the road around to the left after this first block. You should now be in-between the office blocks, with offices on your left and right. Continue to the very end of this road until you come to the T Junction (the big industrial bins should be in front of you now). Take a left here. Continue down to the end of the cul de sac. We are based in an office at the end of this road on the left hand side. (F7 – third door from the end).

For parking we have two F7 allocated spots. These are identifiable by white plaques at the top of the car parking slots. Other spots that are available are visitors spots. Visitor spots are identifiable by having no white plaque at the top of the car parking slot. You can park in either an F7 spot or visitor spot, whatever is available.


We have been attending Niamh McGowan since February 2021 and have followed her to her new practice. The feeling of positivity in McGowan Physio hits you from the moment you walk in the door.

Alison O’Rourke

McGowan Physio branded door

Welcome You Have Arrived

Please relax and come on in. When you enter the clinic the door straight ahead of you is the bathroom and the door on your left leads to the reception area. Please enter reception and give your name to the receptionist. When possible payment is taken before the appointment to keep the day flowing smoothly and appointments timely.

One treatment room is upstairs as well as the larger gym space. Please let us know if you are unable to use the stairs so that we can accommodate you in our downstairs treatment room.

If you have any doctor or consultation letters, x-ray images or x-ray reports, please email them to us before your initial consultation. If you have a CD with x-ray images, please bring this with you to your appointment. All of this information will assist our physios in your assessment and in providing you with the best possible treatment.

Upon your initial consultation booking (either online or via phone call or email) you will be sent out an intake form via email to be filled in online before your appointment. It is very important that you take the time to complete this. This will save time on the day of your appointment and ensure the time you spend with the physio is optimized.

McGowan Physio Reception

Garett provided targeted treatment and exercises that have allowed me get back to an active lifestyle. The treatments were all administered in a calm and private environment and the centre is very clean and professionally set-up.


Our Surroundings

There are a number of coffee shops and restaurants nearby. Our favorite coffee shop is the Cosy bean (approx 8min walk from the clinic). Beside it there is an Elephant and Castle restaurant. There is a shopping center, Nutgrove Shopping Centre also an 8 min walk away and for anyone wishing for fresh air Marley Park is an 8 min drive away.

It may be helpful to note where we are in relation to other medical facilities for other appointments. Ciarnaid at Orthotic Solutions is typically 10-18mins drive away by car, the Beacon Hospital is typically 10-18min by car, OLCHC is typically 14-35min by car, SSC is 26-45min drive away and Blackrock Clinic is 14-30min drive away.

Why Visit

When asked 'Why do you like to come to McGowan Physio?', see what our young clients responded.

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