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McGowan Physio Logo White

McGowan Physio is a physiotherapy, exercise and health clinic dedicated to
empowering people to manage their health as independently as possible
We provide thorough
assessment and education coupled with specific, individualised treatment programmes.

Our primary focus is on adolescents and young people and patients with complex cases.
We pride ourselves on working with the whole family, taking a holistic approach while prioritising mind
and body as one. 
We love what we do and we want the experience at McGowan Physio to reflect that
from our very first point of communication.

Specialist Treatments

  • Schroth ladders and guided schroth


    Schroth method is a form of scoliosis specific exercise. At McGowan Physio we have specialist training in Schroth.

  • Dead lifting technique training

    Athletic Rehab

    Injury prevention programmes and sport specific training are essential for young athletes. We focus on athletic conditioning to ensure top level performance and keeping injury free.

  • Hypermobility testing; beighton criteria


    Hypermobility is excessive range of motion in a joint or in multiple joints. We offer exercise based programmes along with education to better improve the quality of life of those affected.

  • Hypermobility specific exercise


    We care for kids aged from 3 years and up with musculoskeletal disorders and with rheumatological conditions.

  • Specific guided weight training


    Help individuals suffering from PoTS to get stronger and to manage the condition. If your muscles are stronger it aids the flow of blood to the heart and brain, reducing the symptoms.

  • Tactile cues and reformer rehab

    Pilates Reformer

    The perfect rehab tool. The reformer assists the individual through spring resistance to get stronger and enhance their body awareness.


  • Niamh McGowan physiotherapist Avatar

    Niamh McGowan

    Spinal Specialist Physiotherapist

  • Garett Van Oirschot physiotherapist Avatar

    Van Oirschot


  • Danielle Egan


  • Deirbhle Heffron


  • Roisin Flynn

    Occupational Therapist

  • Daniella Creão Salgado

    Daniella Creão Salgado

    Pilates Teacher

  • Luana Pazinato

    Luana Pazinato

    Clinic Manager

  • Gillian Doody



Niamh has restored my confidence that I can lead a completely normal life with scoliosis. I am forever grateful to Niamh and everyone at McGowan Physio for being Trail Blazers in the scoliosis world.

Dr. Shadan Kahatab

Join Our Team

At McGowan Physio we love what we do and we are dedicated to finding the right people to join us.

We promote an open communication style that we feel promotes self-development and supports a good work
environment. We hope to provide support to every employee that helps them to reach their career potential and maintain a high level of job satisfaction.

Current Job Availability:

Pilates Teacher

Reformer experience essential

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Ideally experience in joint hypermobility syndrome,
scoliosis and/ or paediatrics