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Change happens through movement and movement heals.
- Joseph Pilates

Reformer to aid spinal length

Mindful Movement Through Pilates

Pilates was developed by Mr Joseph Pilates. It is a form of exercise that requires the mind to engage with the movement of the body so as to perform exercises with precision. This enhanced body awareness makes Pilates an ideal form of exercise for anybody going through a process of rehabilitation or for anyone trying to prevent pain or injury. Pilates works by creating strength from the inside out. The large focus on breath and control of movement aids in the elongation of the spine and improvements in postural support.


Reformer Pilates is an incredible form of exercise and works really well as a way to enhance rehabilitation. When used correctly the spring resistance on the reformer can aid the individual to move and improves their awareness of their body. Adjusting the resistance and the body position can also increase the challenge and allows for huge variety in exercise routines. Spring resistance equipment, such as the reformer, is particularly useful with hypermobile patients or people who are extra flexible. The resistance often aids the movement and gives the body the support it craves.

Reformer 1:1 as rehab

I have been attending Daniella on a weekly basis for 1:1 reformer Pilates. I notice a huge change in the discomfort in my back and neck. I feel so much better. Daniella is an incredible teacher.

Luana P.

Pilates as rehabilitation

Mat Pilates

Pilates mat classes are a great way to exercise in a group setting with safe, clear and specific guidance from an experienced teacher. Often mat pilates is focused on positions on the mat but it is important to build up to functional movements on the mat as well.

The basic idea is to first gain strength, control and awareness in safe positions on the mat and work into bigger tasks that you are more inclined to do on a day to day basis. An example of this would be squatting or moving from standing to sitting.