Musculoskeletal & Rheumatological Physiotherapy

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Physio for Kids

Our focus is on preventing potential issues and on improving strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, coordination, endurance and confidence in every young person who we work with. Following a thorough assessment we create goals with the individual and their parent/ guardian. We then provide specific exercise, pacing and education programmes. We can provide this service for those 3 years and older. We often incorporate fun and games to help engage the young person. 


Niamh really encouraged, my daughter Mia to voice any concerns and ask any questions. Niamh tailored all exercises to Mia's needs, also keeping in mind Mia's other interests in ballet and hockey. It is clear that Niamh is passionate and extremely knowledgeable.

Karina Mogensen

Reasons for Physio Assessment

Developing teens and children may require physiotherapy for a variety of reasons. This can include joint sprains, muscle and tendon tears, fractures, dislocations, pre and post-op needs, growth related injuries, postural concerns, milestone delays, hypermobility, sport specific training, toe-walking and poor gait or running patterns.


Our open gym is a fun and enticing space for kids and teens to move freely and to work hard to achieve their goals. This can be completed in a 1:1 setting or in a group. We offer both online and in-person classes for our pediatrics population. Most paediatrics issues are managed through exercise based therapy. On occasion other modalities may be required. They can include manual therapy, taping, massage or other techniques that would first be discussed with the young person, their parents and their physiotherapist. 

Jamie hanging from the bars