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The small number of participants in our group classes ensures that we can give you our full attention allowing
us to modify exercises for each individual's needs.

Safe place where our clients exercise as part of our classes

McGowan Physio Classes

At present we are offering both physio-led classes and clinical pilates classes. We have a beautiful open gym space that is fully equipped for classes. The gym space includes the schroth ladders as well as a variety of other exercise equipment. This ensures the classes are variable and kept interesting. We also offer online classes for those who are not living close to the clinic to attend. 

Physio-led & Teenage spinal strength

To complete Physio-led classes each patient must first attend for an initial assessment with one of our physios. This ensures that the individual will get the most from the class as the exercises will specifically address their needs. The initial assessment also ensures that the individual is ready for the class and is medically well enough to attend. Physio-led classes will be a combination of strength, mobility, coordination and balance exercises. There will be a huge focus on proprioception and body awareness. Some of the classes will address very specific conditions such as scoliosis or other spinal disorders or rheumatological disorders.

This class is a physio-led class. The classes are specifically for those with a spinal condition such as scoliosis or kyphosis. The classes cater for those preparing for surgery, for those completing post-surgical rehab and for those in the conservative bracket (using brace/ physio). The age bracket for people attending this class is from 11 up to 19 years old. The classes incorporate  spine specific exercises such as the schroth method as well as a mix of pilates and strength and conditioning.

Young girls training in a class

I was first introduced to Niamh when I was diagnosed with Scoliosis at the age of 16. I was so scared of the future and Niamh helped me come to terms with it. Every time I go to physio Niamh makes me feel relaxed, happy and confident. Niamh has given me life long tools to be able to live with my scoliosis. I look forward to every visit.

Ella Haden

Pilates Mat Classes

Pilates mat classes are a great way to exercise in a group setting with safe, clear and specific guidance from an experienced teacher. The initial focus in the mat class will be positions on the mat. Gradually this will build up to more functional positions in standing on the mat. The focus will be to first gain strength, control and awareness in safe positions on the mat and work into bigger tasks that you are more inclined to do on a day to day basis. Mat classes tend to be an effective way to exercise and are most cost efficient.