Most Educational Six Days with Dr. Rigo


Learning from the Master

Wow! What an incredible experience. One I have been waiting for for quite some time. Dr. Manuel Rigo is top in the field of the conservative management of Scoliosis. It was a dream achieved to get to study with him and to learn his concepts and strategies. Garett and I both felt extremely grateful to get the opportunity to go and we fully embraced our time on the course.

Rigo Concept 1

Theory and PSSE

We learned so much about the theory of scoliosis and how to correctly classify a curve and to measure many different types of angles on a spine X-ray.  We also learned Physiotherapy Scoliosis Specfic Exercises (PSSE) and look forward to using them in clinic.

Patient is the priority

We were also reminded about the absolute importance of treating each individual person and not simply their curve type. The biggest reminder of this was getting to witness the very humble Dr Rigo with his patients. The patient achieving success and feeling comfortable was so obviously his top priority at every stage of the way.

Rigo Concept 3

Team work

Many of you will have heard me speak very highly of Dr Rigo and The Rigo-System-Cheneau Brace (RSC). We are so lucky to have Ciarnaid Hayes in Ireland and to be able to work closely with her. Team work and communication was also stressed over the 6 days. How the brace works and how the physio works with the patient must be aligned. We are excited for an upcoming study day with Ciarnaid to further improve our team work and our management of scoliosis.

Excited for the future

We look forward to the weeks ahead and especially to seeing our young people with scoliosis at the clinic. We have lots of new ideas to play with and we can’t wait!