An Intro to Meditation as Medicine with Siobhan O’Connell


Wow, are we lucky to be getting this incredible experience. Siobhan O’Connell has had the biggest impact on my career and has helped to shape me into the Physio and the person I am today. I worked in Siobhan’s physio clinic, Trimetrics, when I lived in Vancouver. She was my guide and my mentor during my time there and has continued to provide me with her guidance and wisdom. In recent years Siobhan has delved into the world of meditation. Her teaching introduced me to meditation and this is something I will be eternally grateful for. It is a skill I believe every single person would benefit from having. It is surprisingly easy when you are taught by someone like Siobhan. I look forward to you getting the chance to meet Siobhan online on December 6th, but please read on to get to know Siobhan more.

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Hello all at McGowan Physiotherapy Clinic!

As a Dublin born UCD graduate in Physiotherapy I have spent 40 years in hospital and clinic practice here in Vancouver BC founding my own clinic in 2001.I understood early in my career that the missing piece in medicine was the inclusion of the immeasurable power of the mind to help us heal from injury and stress related challenges. To get the best training available globally, I certified as a meditation teacher in 2017 with the worlds most credentialed physician and researcher in this area, Dr Deepak Chopra.

A 7000-year-old practice meditation is back in the forefront again as a powerful self-care tool: its effortless, natural, easy and costs nothing once you know the basics! You can practice it anywhere anytime. No caves or mountain tops required!

Modern neuroscience over and over again, proves that it lowers all the symptoms of stress, inflammation and pain. It increases your ability to self-regulate, sleep better, think more clearly, learn more quickly, make better choices and enjoy better quality relationships.

Meditation uplevels your immunity and has been shown to directly influence your genes: activates the genes for good health and suppresses the genes for disease.

Your biology is not your biography!

As your teacher, my job is not to teach you anything new, just to show you all the wisdom that is already in you. We say we don’t meditate to get better at meditation …we meditate to get better at life! I am so excited to collaborate with Niamh and her team to bring this knowledge forward in a practical and relatable way so you can enjoy your life and have a took to help you to roll with its challenges when needed.

Siobhan O’Connell 

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